Posted a set of YouTube tutorials: Here's my first set: BoonEx Dolphin Tutorial Pay on Join Part 1 - 5
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Test post from Dolphin U conduit module. Test...test...anyone out there?
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Hi Everyone, As it says, I'm restarting the site and making it available again. At this time, I've had to implement a verification process based on PayPal to filter out spammers and possible scammers. It's a 99 cent donation and it would help to offset my
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Add a custom caption key in the Language settings.
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Edit the bottom menu via the admin.
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Replace the YourCompany text in the bottom menu or footer.
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Dolphin 714 - blogs - Take out the post date in the blog
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Dolphin WebSite Redesign

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Important Message

Hi Everyone,

It's been a long road back and things are coming together and as such I've restarted the site once again.

This time around, to avoid the spammers, I've had to implement a verification system. You will be able to see the basic tutorials but you will need to be verified if you want to post, comment, and have access to other future functions I will be adding. It's a 99 cent donation and it helps to keep things tidier.

The older content such as the blogs, forums, and others parts of the site, I've kept just in case some of the previous members needed to access the information.

Be nice :)


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