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Posted a set of YouTube tutorials: Here's my first set: BoonEx Dolphin Tutorial Pay on Join Part 1 - 5
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Test post from Dolphin U conduit module. Test...test...anyone out there?
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Hi Everyone, As it says, I'm restarting the site and making it available again. At this time, I've had to implement a verification process based on PayPal to filter out spammers and possible scammers. It's a 99 cent donation and it would help to offset my
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Example of Ads Underneath the Main Menu There are several ways to place ads on your site and one of them involves adding a banner ad from a service such as Google Adsense to allow your site to enjoy some revenue. My own site has run ad
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Google Adsense Example in the Footer Here's an example of a Google Adsense ad in the footer of my site. Before you can place Google Adsense, you have to have registered at Google. Once registered you will be able to generate ads for your
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  Member Quicklinks PHP Block Example If you go to, you'll see an example of various types of blocks. Some are HTML and others are special function blocks specific to the page. In this tutorial I'm going
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I've tried various editors both free and paid and found that Komodo Edit is a good alternative to paid editors. In the video, I've created a simple step-by-step for installing and setting up Komodo edit. I've got a few more I will do to show how to connec
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When working on your Dolphin site it is always better to work on a local version and once it's working the way you'd like it to work, you can then install it on your live server for more testing. By using WAMP, you can run a local version of your Dolphin s
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Adding a thank you page after some pays for a membership via PayPal can enhance the user experience a bit more. Here's a video that show how to do just that: How to Add a Thank You Page with PayPal
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I have completed hundreds of Dolphin installs. I regularly install Dolphin for clients, personal projects and ongoing work that requires I test out a mod or code. It is possible to have a successful Dolphin install. One of the key and critical factors for
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